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NIVULA's Value Map

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Using Nivula's instruments and services

The applications and programs from Nivula to support hotel owners and managers (Cockpit, Dialogo e Clock PMS) are used with SaaS (Software as a Service) in Cloud. There are no purchases, no installations, and no maintenance. It's as easy as paying a monthly fee  with no long-term commitment.

With all services provided, Nivula is accessible for assistance and intervention to ensure the creation of profit; a large portion of the costs for intervention are variable, pending concrete results. You can also trust Nivula with outsourced management of some hotel activities, to moderate associated costs. This is the model typically used to make the most of the following services:


  • Dialogo, in outsourcing, for the total or partial management of reservations and tracing of potential guests.


Nivula's instruments to compete

Clock PMS Cloud supports distribution and sales with its powerful booking engine, WRS (Web Reservation System), allowing you to channel as many reservations as possible directly from the hotel's website, ensuring clear savings on commission. 

Hotel Nivula is just a click away... to give you an idea of the results. Using the latest generation Channel Manager Clock, it automatically aligns offers from all channels with the internal pricing system, facilitating the control and management of costs and relationships with OTA (Online Travel Agencies) and any other sales channels. 

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Nivula Dialogo allows you to manage multi-channel reservations: it provides an auto-generated trace which allows the operator to respond within 90 seconds of the query, guaranteeing the response will be one of the first received, which is proven to increase the number of requests to confirmed reservations. This is the ideal instrument to moderate the number of operators needed for bookings day by day, and to ensure the cost of the service is proportional to the need


Nivula Cockpit  and Clock PMS Cloud generate immediate access to the essential details needed to understand every aspect of management, including the comparison of external and internal data, allowing management to make decisions which take into consideration the market, competition, and social factors.


Nivula's instruments for decision making

The dashboards provided by Nivula Cockpit display crucial management data, making it easier to make the right choices based on relevant information in less time

Clock PMS Cloud is a PMS focused on operational efficiency, managed in collaboration with AWS (Amazon Web Service) and their technical staff which takes care of system maintenance and security, guaranteeing the availability of your data at any time. 

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Clock PMS Cloud, with over 70 ready-made reports and the possibility to modify and add specifics, provides the database information used by Nivula Cockpit dashboards, which highlight essential data needed to make the correct decision fast. 


Nivula's cost-saving instruments

When checking Hotel management trends, Nivula HAM - Hotel Asset Management, on behalf of the owner, shares with the manager the parameters for asset valuation, creating savings in time and money while managing the relationship by transforming the manager into a partner and eliminating tension during the course of and at the end of the contract. 

Nivula Cockpit generates immediate access to essential details necessary to understand every aspect of management, through visually intuitive graphs and statistics, allowing you to save time when analysing data normally collected in complex spreadsheets.

Nivula Dialogo incorporated in reservation management reduces costs by automatically sorting requests for skills, language, availability, location and cost of the operator, improving the guest experience and results at the lowest possible cost.


It also allows receptionists to respond to requests from potential guests within 90 seconds, both on location and for other hotels within the group, consequently saving on the cost of personnel while allowing an optimised service during all periods- peak, low season, or seasonal closures. 

Schermata Dialogo.JPG

Nivula's Verification Tools

In Nivula Cockpit all information is available for selected periods, which can be chosen on a calendar or using the drop down. It is always possible to perform a "Drill Down" to study in detail each specific phenomenon. The tool allows for a maximum degree of customisation in the data, the graphic presentation, and the complete integration with Clock PMS, allowing complete control of every potential area of interest.

The two systems are integrated and operational across multiple properties: allowing for the organisation, aggregation, and control of data by hotel groups.


Clock PMS Cloud + support:


  • distribution and sales, using the Channel Manager Clock, automatically aligns the offers from all channels with the internal pricing system, facilitating the control and management of costs and relationships with OTA (Online Travel Agencies) and all over sales channels

  • operational management, enabling granular control of permissions and the ability to register the actions of each user: every registered user sees only that which they need, and nothing they don't need to see! 

  • management controls, with over 70 ready-made reports and the possibility to modify or add specifics, allowing for precise control over every aspect of the activity.


Nivula MA - Management Agreement during the launch of a new structure, supporting owners and managers in the conclusion of contracts with OTA (Online Travel Agencies):, Expedia etc. and with tour operators for offline sales, establishing from the beginning a relationship which is lasting, controllable, with sustainable conditions for the long-term.

Nivula Cybersecurity on behalf of hotel owners and management, Nivula Cybersecurity monitors the hotel's IT network regularly, constantly ensuring that it cannot easily be used for scopes beyond those for which it was installed, maintaining it to prevent operational blocks, risks of computer seizure, and damage to image, with the added advantage of limiting the legal responsibility which these aspects entail.


Nivula Elisuperfici


During the operational management of flight activity, controls the location and maintenance requirements required during the flight period, ensures valid authorisation and ensures flight activities are carried out in accordance with rules, protecting the owners and managers from liability.


Nivula's performance enhancing instruments

Nivula MA - Management Agreement in the launch phase of a new structure, supporting owners and managers to determine market position and the drafting of a marketing plan which aims to obtain the best ADR (Average Daily Rate) and occupation rates. Additionally offering support for negotiations with banks for POS terminals and online payments with other strategic suppliers, to ensure they obtain the best conditions to maximise profitability. 

Nivula Elisuperfici guarantees support to owners and hotel managers who wish to equip their properties with a private helipad to provide their guests with:

  • connections to and from airports

  • touristic flights

  • heliskiing

  • connections to other structures equipped for airplanes or helipads 


For some ideas on developing business and increasing profitability through helicopter flight, follow the link: Nivula Elisuperfici

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Nivula Dialogo has pricing which matches the results. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) in Cloud, integrated with Clock PMS +, there is nothing to buy, install, or maintain. Just pay the monthly service fee which requires no long-term commitment. Nivula's compensation for the use of the service Nivula Dialogo, in outsourcing, is largely a function of the results, guaranteeing the hotel an immediate return on investment and constant, progressive improvements in performance. 

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