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The impact of Nivula Dialogo for Hotels and Groups


Nivula Dialogo - multi channel central reservation system 

Dialogo coordinates telephone calls, emails and messages (SMS, chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, IG) to collect reservations in a way which is simple and integrated, keeping track of the conversation thread for a user across multiple channels, for multiple days, allowing different agents to manage requests without losing valuable information.

Dialogo is a response to the specific needs of the hospitality industry:

  • collect reservations 24/7, never losing the chance for a sale

  • share information regarding client requests and negotiations between staff personnel across shifts over a 24 hour period;

  • rapidly reply to clients in their own language

  • during the peak season, ensure new hires are immediately up to speed, using adaptive response scripts which are appropriate to the situation, specific to the hotel, and supported by a knowledge-base and FAQ tool;

  • for seasonal hotels, eliminate fixed costs during the off season, applying a variable cost model;

  • for hotel groups, create a Distributed Virtual Central Reservation Office (CRS) which enables all hotels in the group to leverage available existing resources from each hotel in the chain.

Dialogo introduces advantages which increase performance, sales, and contain costs by transforming them from fixed to variable:

  • eliminates waiting in line for the client, thanks to multichannel availability, chatbots and automatic recalls;

  • Answers the most commonly asked questions, right up to the point of completing a reservation, with a conversational robot (chatbot) based on artificial intelligence;

  • when the AI cannot cope, the chatbot passes the conversation to the person who is most suitable to reply among those available at that time;

  • Thanks to the chatbot and cross-referencing with a Caller-ID database, Dialogo filters out SPAM and irrelevant communications;

  • identifies and qualifies the callers using public address books;

  • simplifies and streamlines the organization towards a flat, multi-role structure wherein whoever is on duty can respond with competence, collecting reservations effectively;

  • balances the workload of operators, routing conversations on the basis of language, capacities, cost, and location;

  • enables the participation of operators working flexibly and remotely, via Web Real-Time Communication technology (WebRTC);

  • introduces the opportunity to buy delocalized booking services, replacing direct staff or integrating it as an overflow for internal capacities;

  • Provides data analysis tools to improve answers, train staff and launch sales actions

…at a cost which is commensurate with the results

Schermata Dialogo.JPG

Nivula Dialogo, managing multichannel booking:

  • For telephone requests, Dialogo responds to clients in their own language with a hotel-specific message, can converse with the client to collect information about the reason for their call, interpret responses and pass the conversation to the operator who is best equipped to reply, supporting him with a script to achieve a sucessful sale. If all operators are busy, clients are not forced to endure a musical interlude, instead, it enqueues an automatic callback;

  • for email requests, it uses artificial intelligence to interpret the text in five languages, extract the main elements for context, generating a trace which pulls up adaptive templates, allowing an operator to reply without errors within 90 seconds, ensuring you are the first to respond, which in turn increases the probability of the request becoming a reservation;

  • for chats and messages, a chatbot immediately replies to questions about prices and availability, with text personalized for each hotel, including the ability to create a reservation, inserting it in the PMS and sending the customer a confirmation mail; Nivula is constantly training and improving the chatbot, but if it isn't able to answer a question, the client is forwarded to a hotel operator who can answer using the same Dialogo user interface which is used to take phone calls and reply to emails;

Across all channels, Dialogo improves quality and productivity:

  • Dialogo automatically routes requests based on skills, language, availability, location and operator cost, ensuring a better experience for the guest and better results for the hotel at the optimal cost;

  • Dialogo is cloud-based, and the operator can work from anywhere provided they have  a computer and internet connection, creating opportunities for remote and flexible work;

  • When an operator replies to a client, they have access to the entire client history, including reservations and past stays pulled from the PMS, giving the client the sense of being “unique” and acknowledged through a seamless service experience in spite of multiple conversations and operators;

  • It is an ideal instrument to fine-tune the number of operators needed for the Reservation Service, day by day, rendering the cost of the service proportional to daily necessity;


Within Hotel Groups, Dialogo allows the construction of a Reservation Centre which is distributed and virtual, connecting operators who are already present in various hotels, with consequent savings on the cost of personnel and improvement of customer service during peak periods, low season, or closures.


  • available across all contact channels (telephone, e-mail, chat). Guests can choose the contact method they prefer, while always receiving a high-quality response;

  • always replies to calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, quickly and in guest's own language. This guarantees you will never miss a call again;

  • Dialogo collects from the PMS and the CRM the customer's history as well as room availability, rates, offers and suggests to the operator the most effective, targeted response for the potential guest;

  • Dialogo creates a reservation in the PMS or automatically sends an offer by email or chat, scheduling the next contact and ensuring that each request has a conclusion;

5 Invio email con email offer.PNG

  • at the moment of confirmation, all details about credit cards, codes, and deadlines are kept confidential. The guest is guaranteed maximum confidentiality and the Hotel has the highest cyber security standards;

  • permits receptionists to reply to calls directed to any hotel within their group, allowing clear savings in staffing costs and optimisation of services during peak periods, the off season, and seasonal closures;


Nivula Dialogo is a tool for cost containment:

  • Has access to information about the hotel and guests in the PMS, allowing for the organization of a 'diffuse' booking office. This allows for partial or complete outsourcing of responding to queries, an improvement over traditional service norms, and permitting the modulation of costs in base of necessity;

  • Capitalises on the time and skills of your staff, redirecting expensive downtime into qualified reservation assistance, transforming waste into a source of revenue;

  • provides reports and statistics on every aspect of the reservation activity, from the number of calls “converted” to bookings, the performance of individual operators, as well as identifying training needs and corrective actions, allowing you to improve the effectiveness of the service.

Nivula Dialogo, where the costs match the results:

  • Nivula Dialogo is a SaaS (Software as a Service) service in cloud, integrated with Clock PMS+. There is nothing to buy, install, or maintain. Simply pay a monthly fee with no long-term commitments;

  • the compensation for Nivula from the use of the Dialogo service in outsourcing is in part a success-fee, guaranteeing the Hotel an immediate return on investment and constant, progressive improvements in performance. 

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