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and occupancy

Overall strategy with targeted actions to get results.

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Reputation, a guest feedback collection and analysis platform that helps you improve rankings through review management.

Knowing how to leverage reviews in your favor allows you to be guided by guest inputs to improve your hotel's performance.

Organize & Informs
One tool to collect all guest feedbacks, from any source, without dispersing information

Reputation trend through reviews, instant feedbacks and questionnaires

What aspects to improve, what actions to take and with what priority

When integrated with the PMS, it makes it easier to identify which customer left which review


Active management of guest feedbacks
With a QR code placed in each room, or in the hotel, the guest can easily access the platform from their mobile phone. Through an intuitive and clear interface you can test the level of customer satisfaction and give the hotel staff the opportunity to intervene in real-time on any given issue or direct the guest in reviewing the property positively. QuickFeed allows the facility to intervene immediately without passively receiving negative guest feedback.

Improves rating on external sites
And in case of positive evaluation, it invites the user to leave a review on public site (about 60% do!)

Negative comments and with timely alerts, invites staff to handle them

The number of positive reviews while decreasing comments from dissatisfied customers

Allows the consultation of the breakfast or dinner menus, list of hotel services, in the same tool with which it collects reviews


After-stay questionnaires
Asks for specific and targeted opinions on aspects to be improved which allow to maintain the direct connection with the customer

Targeted surveys on the stay

Customer contact

The advantages of Guest Care

We turn feedback into tools for growth

Thank you for contacting us

What are the benefits of review management?

Prompt action

Quickly improve critical aspects of the facility.

Monitor business performance

Real-time understanding of the influence of a good check-in experience or information on how much a particular room or service was appreciated.

Time and resource saving

By taking advantage of automation, staff have more time to dedicate to customer care in the facility.

Making timely decisions

thanks to the Cockpit interface, that collects guest reviews and sorts them (strengths and weaknesses) in order to help you take right decisions.

Customer loyalty

​Collects data directly from the guests in order to answer their needs.

Monitor progress

Records how the guest’s perception changes when services and hospitality are improved.

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