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The impact of Nivula Elisuperfici

Nivula Elisuperfici guarantees support for owners and hotel managers who wish to equip their properties with a private helipad to provide their guests with:

  • connections to and from airports

  • touristic flights 

  • heliskiing

  • connections to other structures equipped with airplane-helipad adaptations

Nivula Elisuperfici support hotel owners and managers in the phases of:


Nivula Elisuperfici, in the process of obtaining authorisation for a new landing pad: ​

  • assumes the role of manager with its qualified experts, who also assume the related responsibilities

  • obtain the needed authorisations to carry out flight activities by competent entities, insuring compliance with all regulatory aspects, to guarantee peace of mind for the hotel owner or manager 


... taking care of accompanying the owner or manager:

  • in the choice of installation which best suits your needs:

    • occasional helipad

    • managed helipad

    • authorised and managed helipad


  • during the necessary procedures for obtaining the needed permits and authorisation for a fully functional airplane or helipad:

    • coordinating the collection of necessary documentation

    • supporting them with the drafting of requests and communications to the governing bodies involved:

      • Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

      • Ministry of the Interior and Police 

      • Ministry of Defence

      • Ministry of Economy and Finance 

      • Customs Agency 

      • ENAV

      • Regional and Municipal Authorities

      • Fire Fighters 

      • other local authorities when necessary

  • verifying that:

    • the proposed area is suitable according to current legislation

    • the infrastructure is compliant and safe for use

  • in the interpretation of the  technical aspects of the rules which regulate their activity 

  • in the choice of the necessary tools for management 

  • in the preparation and management of verification by the appropriate regulatory bodies when necessary 


Nivula Elisuperfici provides support in the phase of communication of their new services to customers, assisting the hotel:

  • in the choice and definition of the proposals, their contents, and the prices to be applied, allowing guests to enjoy a memorable experience

  • in the drafting of communications and information to be published on your media channels, ensuring that the private helicopter service, on your website and social networks, ensuring that it will increase the hotel's profitability

  • in the use of private helicopter services as a tool to satisfy customers of increasingly higher quality


Nivula Elisuperfici, in the operational management for flight activities:

  • providing the necessary support to manage the helipad, taking on the tasks needed to ensure maximum safety for passengers and staff in management

  • checking for requirements and maintenance needs during the authorised license period, ensuring that flight activities are carried out in accordance with the rules, ensuring that property owners and managers are protected from all liability 


Nivula Elisuperfici by way of its specialised technicians, who possess all the needed characteristics to be a designated manager, will care for:

  • communication of any modifications or variations to existing information to necessary governing bodies

  • supervision of the daily compilation of registered movements, as envisioned

  • monitoring the number of movements, to prepare for any eventual needed adaptations, including anti-fire services and devices 

  • ensure the infrastructure meets all necessary requirements 

  • implement suitable measures to ensure safe operations are guaranteed when working on the runway and infrastructure, including the recommendation for potential suspensions or limitations of flight activity if necessary

  • identification of suitable instruments for:

    • systematic assessment of  operational problems 

    • maintain technical and operational equipment efficient and functional 

    • provide authorised users of the infrastructure with all needed information for proper performance of safe flight activity

  • guarantee to inspection staff free access to the infrastructure for relevant controls

  • report accidents and serious incidents

  • request eventual appeals regarding oversight activity 


Nivula Elisuperfici, during renewal of authorisation for flight activity:

  • prepares the structure to obtain renewed authorisation, guaranteeing full legal compliance with all regulations while ensuring that the Hotel guests retain constant, quality service


In detail - although non-exhaustive - the support and coaching will focus primarily on:

  • assistance in preparing for the renewed authorisation visit, which provides a series of controls, including:

    • consistency between the actual infrastructure and documentation held by governing bodies

    • the general state of maintenance for the infrastructure 

    • the possible presence of new obstacles 

    • the adequacy and efficiency of firefighting devices

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