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We have brought our
know-hows together to achieve
the best results.


Francesco Luconi

Do what you say and don't say what you do.

A perfect hybrid between hospitality and technology: Francesco and IT have no secrets. Thanks to his broad vision, he is expert in identifying technological needs in a hospitality facility, in terms of security, performance and cutting-edge systems. Moreover, he always manages to find the right recipe to manage these two worlds in perfect harmony. On the other hand, his big passion is cooking and creating cuisine recipes.
As President and co-founder, with the aid of his partners, all of Nivula’s projects and services have come to life.

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Paolo Boldoni

Discovering interesting people and stimulating projects, makes one happy!

Paolo has been a partner in Nivula since 20XX. He is responsible for sales and we could define him as the face and voice of Nivula. He has always been dedicated to making companies and start-ups take off, investing and dedicating his time to launch them.
For Paolo, who is also an airplane pilot and flight instructor, taking off is child's play!

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Aldo Pigni
Chief Executive Officer

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The sky and the sea are two fantastic perspectives from where you can observe the Earth.

Aldo is the meeting point of people and projects in Nivula. He has been collaborating with Francesco and Paolo since a very long time, on an important cutting-edge data collection project.
He seamlessly integrates the hospitality and data analysis sectors, designing and developing functional software and services for hotel facilities.

A brief history of our project

Nivula was born thanks to the founding members sharing their hotelier experience, process management and data analysis skills.
Given their IT background and long collaboration since the 1990s, they decided to join forces and make their experience available to the market.

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