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HAM - Hotel Asset Management

The impact for investors and managers with Nivula HAM - Hotel Asset Management


Nivula HAM - assists investors in hotels during the phases of:


constantly, for the entirety of the relationship.

Nivula HAM - Hotel Asset Management, during the investment phase:

  • will assess the hotel and its potential for future enhancements, ensuring the investor maximum returns from the full potential value of the asset;


  • define realistic profitability objectives, incorporating them into the business plan, supporting the property in obtaining their objectives;

  • report comparable deals, their monetary value, expected returns by operators and available financing conditions;


  • continuous analysis of the management market and with reports on the merits of different management styles and their costs;

  • supporting the property in the process of choosing a manager who will guarantee the achievement of key objectives;

  • negotiates and administers management on behalf of or alongside the owner of the property;


  • through instruments, technology and support for the manager, maximising the profitability of the Hotel and increasing the overall value of the asset;

  • controls the efficiency, maintenance and fungibility of the property, suggesting when necessary execution of capex plans to ensure compliance with legally mandated requirements in terms of safety, hygiene and energy consumption.


When checking management trends, Nivula HAM:


  • supports the owner in the handling the relationship with the property manager, including support in training, budget revisions and performance evaluations;

  • sharing the parameters of the asset evaluation with the tenant or manager saves the owner time and money in managing their relationship, transforming the tenant or manager into a partner, avoiding tensions during the course of and at the termination of the contract;

  • through the monitoring of management activity and the advanced reporting systems guaranteed by Nivula Cockpit, which quickly highlights when performance is not in line with expectations or market averages, allowing corrective action to take place to fix the trend;

  • assess management performance, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and their competitive position in the market within which one operates;

  • analyses the hotel's income and shares the KPI with the owner in direct relation to the objectives and performance of direct competition;

  • provides an analysis and monitoring service for the market in which the hotel competes, constantly reporting on the development of new hotels which might compete with the property and trends on demand.


Nivula HAM offers support during the divestment phase:

  • in agreement with the owner, defines an appropriate exit strategy, making the sale more profitable and more likely to conclude successfully;

  • evaluate the hotel and its future potential, providing greater guarantees to potential buyers and ensuring the maximum profit margins for the exiting investor;


  • suggesting the best timing for investment exit strategy, supporting the property during the negotiation period by managing competitive sales processes and collaborating with specialised brokers.


….and constantly, throughout the entire relationship, Nivula HAM:

  • Uses periodic analysis tools to document the hotel market, indicating comprable deals, their monetary value, expected returns by operators, and available financing options;

  • knowing the investor allows for recommendations of opportunities in line with their strategic interests and requirements;

  • assist the investor during the decision making process.

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