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  • integrated with more than 70 ready-made applications for you, the principals of "Social Media" and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), applications for Spa and treatment management, electronic keys, home automation and automatic document acquisition with our:

    • Nivula Dialogo to automatically reply to customer requests in 90 seconds

    • Nivula Cockpit using the dashboard to make timely and correct decisions

      ... you will be spoiled for choice

The impact of Clock PMS Cloud for Hotels and Groups


Clock PMS Cloud guarantees support to hotel management during the phases of:


Clock PMS+ is a Cloud software dedicated to operational efficiency:

  • allows you to avoid local server investments and savings on costs for maintenance, energy, and space

  • can be used from any device (Chrome Box, PC, tablet, smartphone). In case of power failure or internet outage, a tablet or cellphone, even one with 3G, guarantees uninterrupted service

  • places a complete API (Application Programming Interfaces) at your fingertips, through which any needed integrations with other software is easy and  cost-effective

  • can be used with an internet connection and the Chrome browser- a low-cost Chrome box is several hundred Euro and allows you to replace all PCs, with consequent savings in investment and costs

  • We guarantee less than an hour of downtime for each 10,000 working hours- insuring a virtually uninterrupted service

  • managed in collaboration with AWS (Amazon Web Service) and their technical staff which takes care of the maintenance of the software system, security and guarantees the availability of your data at any time


Clock PMS+ Cloud to support operational management:



  • allows for the management of multiple sales points, restaurants, and bars, including the possibility to reserve tables

  • creates a hospitable environment which encourages the purchase of services and add-ons, making the organisation of events and group reservations easy and intuitive, giving the hotel an instrument to seize opportunities for important revenue streams and better manage conferences and incentives

  • organises all Housekeeping and maintenance, ensuring that rooms and environments are always up to the standards of cleanliness and order you have outlined

  • issues and sends electronic invoices with a system that is built-in, with integrated fiscal printers which automatically creates the files needed to transmit digital data to Public Security. This allows you to comply with Italian and Swiss tax and public safety requirements without further investments of time or money

  • enables a granular control of permissions and action recording for each user: each individual user sees only what they need, and nothing they shouldn't see!


Clock PMS+ Cloud support for distribution and sales

  • with the powerful booking engine WRS (Web Reservation System) it allows you to channel as many reservations as possible directly from the hotel website, ensuring savings on commissions. Hotel Nivula is just a click away... to give you an idea of the results

  • using the latest generation Channel Manager Clock, automatically align all offers from all channels with the internal pricing system, facilitating cost control and cost management as well as relationships with OTA (Online Travel Agencies) and any other potential sales channel

  • allows for the creation of gift certificates and vouchers, crucial for the creation of loyalty in guests especially in times of economic uncertainty, as the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic has taught us.


Clock PMS+ Cloud in guest interaction and upselling:

  • using Clock PMS+ internet Suite provides guests with a personalised application through which guests can choose a room, Check-in and Check-out, reserve a table at a restaurant, ask for information or signal preferences, request specialised services, and leave reviews from their stay. Surprise your clients with an easy interaction which is free to access from their PC, smartphone, or tablet which meets their every need and desire

  • send personalised proposals based on client needs and characteristics, based on information from the database. The guest can confirm and access check-in and check-out online or through a kiosk at the reception, meaning no more queues or waiting at the reception, only a warm welcome!


Clock PMS+ Cloud to manage payments and deposits:


  • with automatic processing for advance payments, deposits and guarantees, combined with credit card encryption for all pre-authorisations and deferred payments, all of which are guaranteed by a PCI DSS Level 1 Security Certificate, Clock ensures coverage for all necessary operations and the highest degree of IT Security


Clock PMS+ Cloud for management control:


  • with over 70 ready-made reports with the possibility to modify and add specifics when necessary, it allows precise control over every aspect of the activity

Screen Report.JPG
Screen Report 2.JPG

  • integration with the most popular business intelligence systems provides the database from which Nivula Cockpit summary panels are generated, highlighting the essential data needed to make the right decisions fast

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