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Nivula's instruments and services for investors, owners, and hotel management
Investitori e proprietari

Nivula for investors and hotel owners

Hotel Asset Management assists the investor or owner in defining realistic profitability objectives, integrates them into a working plan and supports their investment, management, and eventual asset disposal. Click here for more details.

Management Agreement supports the ownership or investor in planning and realising a launch or relaunch of a structure: it takes care of budgeting and all needed activities, guaranteeing time, quality, and sharing the results of the operation. Click here for more details.


Cockpit allows investors and owners to keep track of daily relevant aspects of investments in hotel properties and their relative management in a single "dashboard". Click here for more details.

Dialogo allows variation of management costs for reservation services to meet current need while increasing the number of requests which become successful reservations. Click here for more details.

Cybersecurity guarantees usability for guests and internal IT Services, limiting the legal liability which this aspect entails. Click here for more details.

Helipads elevate the quality of service and clientele and consequently, the property value. Click here for more details.

Per i gestori

Nivula for hotel management

Clock PMS Cloud guarantees support to hotel management during the phases of operation, distribution and sales, interaction with guests, upselling and cross-selling, payments and deposits, and management control and reporting, while eliminating the need for investments in licenses and hardware costs, maintenance, energy, and dedicated spaces. Click here for more details. 

Cockpit generates immediate access to the essential details needed to understand every aspect of management, stimulating informed decisions in a reduced time frame. Click here for more details. 


Dialogo has the objective of transforming the most requests possible into successful reservations, guaranteeing a reply to each request for prices and availability within 90 seconds, supporting the hotel staff or replying directly via all provided means of communication (telephone, mail, chat) Click here for more details.

Cybersecurity supports the management with needed actions and monitoring to guarantee a WiFi network which is efficient and secure, a quality network matching customer expectations, but which is at the same time protected from hacking attacks. Click here for more details. 

Helipads elevate the quality of service and clientele  consequently the profitability. Click here for more information. 

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