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Google data studio Clock PMS connector auth help

Nivula connector for Data Studio needs your authorization to access data in your Clock PMS account. The access must be read-only (view) and no access should be granted to PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in order to guarantee the security and privacy of your guest’s data.

Please create a dedicated API user in Clock PMS settings / API users, using the “+Add” button:

Next step, fill all the relevant fields as shown below.

Please make sure that Username is spelled exactly as follows, including capitalization:

Nivula Data Studio connector

because that user name will be used by the connector to access Clock PMS.

We use a dedicated API user for your security, because Clock PMS logs every access to your data and you will always be able to verify what the connector does.

For the same security concern please make sure to grant this user only “Access: Basic” rights as shown below. You may want to extend the rights to “Personal Data: Bulk access” if you need to include in your reports general guest information State, City and Zip (Country and Language will be shown also with just the Basic Access).

The connector will never return PII like name, address, email, phone, but as a rule if you do not need the above pieces of information you should leave “Personal Data: Bulk access” unchecked.

Grant access to all the accounts (active establishments -hotels and restaurants) in your Clock subscription that you need to access with the connector.

You can leave Network “unrestricted” or for maximum security you can list all Google servers (the list is at the bottom of this Google support document).

When complete, Save the new user.

After saving, the “Create Api Key” button will activate; press it to obtain a new key then copy and paste it in the login form of the Nivula Data Studio connector.

Never share, print, email your API key. If you suspect your key was compromised, destroy it with the “Destroy Api Key” button, create a new one and use it in the connector.

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