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Chat & Chatbot


Nivula has developed a chat which is an integral part of the Dialogo communication channels, the service which integrates the PMS for your hotel, a CRM and a multi-platform communication cloud: voice, email, and messaging, for which the chat module can be added directly on your website desktop. 

From mobile devices, the client can communicate with the hotel using Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS, but in Dialogo all communications from a single client will converge in a single chat channel. 


All messages sent from a client are managed by Dialogo, which will respond immediately 24/7 with a chatbot capable of providing the most requested information from the hotel, including availability and prices for dates of interest and even the insertion of reservations in the PMS, and sending client confirmation emails. 


The client can ask the chatbot to continue the chat with a person, in the language they prefer; Dialogo verifies the person present, free, and which languages they speak and - as with telephone calls - puts the client in contact with an operator who can follow the chat using the Dialogo graphic interface.  

And if you don't have operators ready to respond to your clients 24/7, 12 months a year? During the peak season where your staff cannot keep up with requests in a timely fashion? Nivula can do it for you, providing a complete service including software, communication infrastructure and experienced and specialized staff.


Dialogo is connected directly with the PMS of the hotel, permitting real-time verification of availability and prices and the automated insertion of reservations: greater personnel productivity, reduced wait time for clients, the highest quality, and no errors. 



Try Nivula Chat and Chatbot on our Hotel Demo, ask for information regarding the hotel, SPA services, restaurants, the hours for check-in and check-out, indicate dates to receive price information, and confirm a reservation. 

You can also try it from your smartphone, on the Hotel Demo site, you will find a link to chat using Whatsapp. 

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