Nivula Cockpit

The Nivula Cockpit Dashboards provide summary data for all crucial aspects of management, allowing you to make the right decisions fast.

Nivula Cockpit g​enerates easy access to detailed data, which allows a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of management, through:

  • the comparison of internal and external data, allowing you to make decisions which take into account the market, competition and social factors;

  • visually intuitive graphs and statistics which allow you to save time analysing numbers and data normally collected in spreadsheets;

  • easy comparison with data and statistics from previous periods, highlighting the differences and ensuring correct decision-making;

In Nivula Cockpit, all information is available for specific periods, both short and long term, meaning it is possible to study the details of every phenomenon. With a simple click, it is possible to switch between the analysis and comparison of that day to that year, or use "Year to date" for an overview of the situation.

The maximum degree of customisation is available in the choice of data and their graphic presentation, allowing you to control any aspect of interestThe complete integration with Clock PMS+ allows for the extraction and retention of data relating to practically every activity managed by the information system of the managed hotels.

The system is made for multiple properties: organise and aggregate data for hotel groups.

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